Science Fiction

Humanity's Mirror

A genetic researcher questions restoring his world’s aberrant populations to humanity after meeting a deviant woman he believes is more than human.

Projected Release: February, 2018

Why Not, Jack?

Faced with an impending project cancellation, Jack has to consider all options to save his friend Rita who is permanently interfaced to the experimental computer on a top secret prototype stealth starship.

Projected Release: Spring, 2018 

Call Me Jack

Jack and Rita search for a Lost Colony to justify the theft of their stealth recon starship and find more than they ever imagined.

Projected Release: Summer, 2018 

You Know Jack

While searching for Lost Colonies, Jack, Rita, and crew find themselves up against a major galactic power.

Projected Release: Fall, 2018 

You Don’t Know Jack

Old enemies become allies as Jack, Rita, and crew escape one predicament before being caught in another.

Projected Release: Winter, 2018 

Really Jack

When Jack, Rita, and crew become firmly entangled in galactic intrigue, they apply their unique skill set.

Projected Release: Summer, 2019 

Not Silent (working title)

An elite covert agent, misdiagnosed as a non-telepath in is his youth, tracks down the most wanted criminal on a future telepathic Earth.

Projected Release: Winter, 2019 


Stone Circle Lodge

A burnt-out engineer accepts a fantastic job from an enigmatic woman at an exclusive lodge with a mysterious stone circle.

Projected Release: Spring, 2018 

Stone Circle Ranch

A banished Steel King returns to his Steel Queen in response to a new threat against the circles from unknown forces in both Faerie and Terra.

Projected Release: Fall, 2018 

Stone Circle Island

The existence of both realms is at stake when the forces of Terra and Faerie clash at the circles. 

Projected Release: Fall, 2019

My novels contain: adult language; violent conflicts; sexual situations, but not explicit sex; and nudity (if you have a good visual imagination).

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